Health Plans

The following health plans are under the scheme:

Equity Health Plan

This is a plan for the vulnerable groups. These includes children under five, pregnant women, elderly (above 65) and the physically and mentally challenged individuals. Other criteria for eligibility into the health plan shall be approved by the State Executive Council on the recommendation(s) of the commission. The point of entry shall be designated Primary Health care facilities.

Formal Health Plan

This is a contributory plan for all public – sector employees and organized private sector employees as defined wherein all shall make contributions as determined by the board

Informal Health Plan

This is an affordable plan providing a prescribed package of healthcare services at prescribed contributions accessible to all residents not covered by the other health plans. Premium contribution for this health plan is ₦7,000.00.

Private Health Plan

This consist of a variety of packages providing extra healthcare services in direct proportion to the contribution made by the individuals. Eligibility will be for those that subscribe and those approved to benefit by the commission