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In support of the SMART Agenda of Sen.(Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa, [ensuring good health for all Deltans], the DSCHC took her advocacy and sensitization of the State Health Insurance Scheme to the Christian Association of Nigeria, Delta State Chapter.

The Director General of the Commission, Dr. Ben Nkechika and his Advocacy Team visited the Chairman of the Delta State Chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Apostle Sylvanus Okorote, yesterday, for modalities to reach out to the Christian Communities in Delta State. Speaking during the visit, Dr. Nkechika stated the need for the advocacy visit saying that healthy persons need medical check-up irrespective of their religious beliefs. ‘The Health insurance scheme is not targeted at sick people but healthy persons. Everyone need a medical check-up irrespective of religion. The scheme is targeted at having access to quality health care without financial constrain. You pay so that you can live healthy.’

He further said that the best way to reach out to the Christian Community is through the Christian Association of Nigeria ‘just as we did with the rural Communities through the Traditional Rulers.’ Responding, Apostle Sylvanus Okorote said that it is a laudable initiative. ‘I appreciate the fact that it is brought to a level where almost everyone can afford. It is something we would want to run with you because it will be beneficial to all.’

Okowa had in an address, said “MSMEs have been globally recognised as engines of rapid economic growth, wealth creation, employment generation and social inclusion. “They are also known as incubators of innovation while providing opportunities for increased participation of women in the economy. “Defined as enterprises with less than 10 employed persons and annual turnover of less than N20 million, MSMEs are more feasible and attractive to the mass of people seeking entrepreneurship, self-employment, livelihood incomes and economic participation.”

Responding to the fear of lack of health care facilities in the some rural areas, the DG explained that the Commission has a programme that takes care of such. ‘The target is one primary health care centre per ward and a Doctor.’The Delta State Contributory Health Commission is using the yuletide season to advocate for well-meaning persons to register dependents in the State Insurance Scheme.