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NGF Eulogizes DSCHC for Effective Synergy btw DSCHC Stakeholders

The Delta State Contributory Health Commission has been eulogized by the Nigeria Governor’s Forum for effective synergy with stakeholders towards its achievement of universal health care through the State Contributory Health Scheme.

This was in response to a presentation by the Commission during a study visit by the Secretariat of the Forum at the Commission’s Head Office. Mr. Ajogbasile Olanrewaju, the Team Leader of the Secretariat of the Nigeria Governor’s Forum, while responding said that the synergy between Delta State Contributory Health Commission and her stakeholders could be referred to as an ‘Ecosystem’, wherein all stakeholders are interconnected in achieving the desired success of the Scheme.

‘Everybody has their mandate and the greater the synergy, the greater the achievement. Already we see that everyone seems to be on top of their game. We also see some collaborations from the submission of the DG.’ ‘Like he said, when he goes to a community, he goes with community Leaders and Representatives, people with mandate in monitoring the facilities. And also ensuring that drugs get to the facilities on time. Everybody is relaxed with their responsibilities and this automatically affect the whole system,’ he concluded.

Earlier, Dr. Ben Nkechika, the Director General/Chief Executive Director of the Commission, presented a comprehensive power point presentation which he describes as a ‘sustainable model’ which was conceptualized, realized and practiced in the field. The DG also mentioned that the model could be improved on to achieve a more sustainable outcome.

The Nigeria Governor’s Forum is a non-partisan platform that was created to enhance collaboration among the Executive Governors of Nigeria. The Forum is managed by the Secretariat which comprises of experts across all sections of life, like IGR, ICT, Library, Agriculture etc.